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DUI Lawyer in Summerville, SC

A DUI conviction could cause you to lose your license, your job, or go to jail.  The Lafond Law Firm is a Summerville, SC, DUI law attorney willing to help you protect your rights. The Lafond Law Firm provides personalized advice and attention for every DUI case that comes to us.

Clients receive the assistance of a lawyer who has prosecuted and defended DUI cases in municipal, magistrate and General Sessions courts for over 15 years.  We help them explore possible legal approaches such as:  seeking a dismissal or reduction of the charges; challenging the admission of evidence and police reports; plea negotiations; and trial.

In addition to the criminal charge of DUI, someone charged with DUI faces a possible suspension of their driver’s license if they refused to take the Datamaster test (commonly referred to as the “Breathalyzer”) or if they took the Datmaster test and have an alcohol concentration in excess of 0.15%.  This suspension is not a criminal suspension.  It is an administrative suspension known as an “implied consent” violation.  If your license is suspended for this reason, our law firm can help you try and get this suspension rescinded.

We’re the Summerville, SC, DUI law firm that many residents turn to for advice. Arrange a visit to The Lafond Law Firm, and we’ll review the details of your DUI arrest.

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